Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions that we are regularly asked by new customers. If your question isn't dealt with here, please use the form on the 'Contact' page to ask us or give us a call.

Operating times

Monday open 9-5
Tuesday open 9-5
Wednesday 9-5
Thursday open 9-5
Friday open 9-5
Saturday by special request
Sunday closed

Do you come to people's houses? 

Yes. Our service is completely mobile, so we can valet your car at your home or your workplace. We offer a discreet service and never reveal a car's registration or its location. We are entrusted with gate codes, house keys, and cars keys so we can access vehicles when the owner is not present.

How long has A2D Specialist Valeting been operating?

A2D (Attention to Detail) Specialist Valeting was established 2005 and we are very proud that our first customer is still a customer at the time of writing.

What areas do you cover?

We operate predominantly in York and the surrounding areas such as Dunnington, Pockington, Poppleton, Strensall, Haxby, Fulford, Easingwold, Sutton on Derwent, Newton on Derwent and Stamford Bridge.

Do you need access to power and water?

Ideally, yes. Although we are completely self-contained with a petrol generator and self contained water tank in the van and can operate anywhere.

How much notice do you need?

We are always busy, due to the growing number of regular customers who have joined us over the years, so the more notice you can give us the better! It's always worth a call though, as we will try our best to fit you in at a convenient time that suits you.

What products do you use? 

We use a wide range of products from licensed motor trade supplier such as alloy cleaners, trim sheens, glass cleaners, Snow Foam, tyre dressing, soft-top waterproofing, upholstery shampoos and high definition waxes such as Autogylm.

What sort of cars do you cater for?

We have a wide range of customers cars ranging from the family runaround, four by fours, working farm vehicles, taxis, classic cars, wedding cars and Supercars.

How long does a valet take?

This is a tricky question as it varies from car to car and depending on the state that the vehicle is in and what services you have requested. 
A  Standard Valet will take on average 1 hour 30 + dependant on the vehicle.
A Executive Valet will take 3 hours + dependant on the vehicle.

Can you get rid of pet hairs and smells?

Pet hairs are generally not a problem however if the car is particularly soiled then there will be an additional charge as it takes significant time to remove the fur from the upholstery. Pet smells are difficult to treat and despite promises from various brands (we have tried them all) it is rare they can eliminated completed but there will a significant improvement. As always we will try our best.

Do you give a discount for multiple cars?

Please give Oliver a ring on 07860 231 803 who will only be too happy to discuss.

Payment options?

We accept cash, cheques or bank transfers and we give invoices to all of our customers or business that we work with.

Are you insured?

Yes we are covered for liability and have a Specialist Valeting Insurance. And possess a valid and clean driving license.

What do you do with all the rubbish?

We never throw away anything important such as receipts or other items we may find, we simply tidy them away in places such as the glove box or arm rest. All disposable plastic bottles and other eligible items will recycled and be disposed of properly. 

Do you Have social media sites?

Yes we do! We are currently on Facebook and Instagram and upload new pictures and 'stories' every week.
Please follow us there to stay up to date with the latest news, and to support your local business! Links at the bottom.
Thank you.